Whether you're a small business or a large corporation. in today's digital era it really is important that you have an online presence. The best way to reach your potential customers and share your company message is with a well structured website.

Web Design and Development

In the world of online business, your website is your storefront, where a potential customer has their first impression of you.

While there are dozens of moving parts that all work together to create your online identity. web design and development rank among the top because they’re largely responsible for creating a great consumer experience.

In short, the look and feel of your website should be consider a high priority for your business. When looking for a website design agency you should find one that will take the time to learn about your company and guide you through the process to ensure your business website is built so your potential customers can find you and easily navigate your website.

So, whether you’re the seasoned entrepreneur or working on a growing business.we hope to provide useful information that can help you maximize your websites potential.

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What Is Website Design & Development?

While the two terms are used interchangeably by many. there are a few fundamental differences between design and development that are important to know before diving into the process for your company.

Is There Really a Difference?

In a nutshell, web design is all about the appearance and usability of a website. This encompasses everything from the layout of each page to the graphics, menus, buttons. and anything else that you see while browsing. In technical fields, this portion of the process is referred to as UI Design, short for ”User Interface Design.” At its very core, UI Design is graphic design with a cognizance toward the advantages and nuances of web browsing.

Web development, on the other hand. is responsible for taking the design elements of a website and bringing them to life with coding languages such as HTML and CSS. Essentially, web development involves ”looking under the hood” and figuring out how to make the website functional and enjoyable to use.

Web Design Explained

Web design is the portion of the process where it’s important to address the unique objectives you’d like to accomplish with your website. This is a crucially important step in the overall web design 8. development process, as it helps ensure company visions are brought to life in a way that engages target customers.

Starting with the layout of information, web designers begin creating wireframes (the website’s bare bones, if you will) to better illustrate key design elements. Once
done, they use a number of different principles and programs to give the website a unique look and feel that’s consistent with client goals.

As easy as it may sound, the difference between a welldesigned website and one that was slapped together in a haphazard manner is night and day. Think about the last time you landed on a website that was difficult to navigate. poorly branded. and just all around frustrating to use. You probably didn’t stick around for very long, let alone consider giving them your business.

Having a clear goal and a well defined map of how to guide your users can be the difference between retaining and losing your customers.

Web Development Explained

Web development is what most people think of when they imagine someone sitting behind a computer screen, looking at nothing but a senseless jumble of numbers. letters, and symbols also known as code. While that may sound boring to you (unless you’re into that kind of stuff), web development is what gives the design elements of a website functional life.

For instance, when you click a menu button and get redirected to the desired page, a web developer is responsible for not only ensuring that the link routes properly, but also that the button displays the proper (css) effect. making it move in whatever way feels most appropriate for a given site. Using a complex combination of programming languages like HTML. CSS and PHP (explained really simply HERE), web developers allow visitors to interact with the visual elements created by web designers.

As the ‘behind the scenes’ team, web developers are also called into action when something isn’t working. Whether tweaking existing code to make sure search

User Engagement

What To Expect When Designing A New Website

Finding an agency that can deliver both web design and web development services can help streamline your entire project.

We also encourage you to work with an agency that is well-versed in the latest search engine optimization (5 EO) practices as well. A great website ls only great if your potential customers can find you.

As you begin considering a website redesign for your business you’re likely wondering what to expect from the process. Here’s a rough look at the steps included in this type of project.

1. Information Gathering

When you’re starting a process like this it can be tempting to just dive right into the thick of the project. However, you’ll have a much better website that actually meets your business goals if you take your time

The first part of a website design project should involve a period of information gathering where your agency learns about your company and the specific goals you have for your website.

By learning your business inside and out. an agency can take that information into the planning stage, fully understanding the look, feel, and message you want to send with your website.

2. Planning

Planning is a much needed step in building a completely new website. Taking the time to plan will minimize the likelihood of mistakes. Planning is also a great way to ensure that you and your agency is clear about the pages you want included on your website. Building a detailed sitemap is a standard approach which will serve as the blueprint for both the web design and web development stages.

3. Web Design

During the design phase your website will start to take on the actual look and feel of your company. What’s commonly referred to as a wireframe of your site will be built that shows you the various elements that will be included.

It’s not uncommon to present multiple versions so you can see the full spectrum of possibilities before zeroing in on the design features you like best.

Once the design elements are selected, then your company images, logos, and website copy will be added into the design for final approval.

4. Website Development

Once you have the design finalized then it’s time to turn it into a fully functioning website. All of the elements that were included in the design will be coded using various languages to create a fully function website.

It’s important to know that this phase can take time. You’ll want to watch the development and ensure that the user flow is clear and that your users are directed to opportunities for conversion.

This is also where the foundation of a successful website is built. From url structure to speed it all takes shape during development and you’ll want to make sure that your site is set up for success and scalability.

5. Launch

After both the web design and development stages are complete, you’ll want to spend time reviewing the entire website. You can make minor tweaks and edits to make sure that you’re providing the best experience for your end-user.

Once approved, your website will go live site and you can open the online doors for actual customers to begin exploring and experiencing your website.

6. Maintain Your site

While it used to be true that you could build a website and leave it alone for months at a time, that just isn’t the case anymore.

In fact, consumers today are more sophisticated than ever before and they not only want, but expect to find useful information where and when they’re researching.

This is where marketing comes in to play on your digital platform. Content marketing can help you get a competitive edge over your competitors. Maintain the information on your website, make it helpful, and continue adding to it over time. Your website shouldn‘t be static and should grow and evolve over the years to stay on top of your competition.

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